Bioway Visited the Organic Peony Flower Field Base

Bioway Organic, a well-known organic product company, recently visited the organic peony flower field base in Heyang, Shaanxi, to evaluate the organic quality assurance links related to peony flowers. The company discussed with local farmers and officials various ways to promote the export and sale of peony-related raw materials.

The peony flower is one of the most important symbols of Chinese culture, known for its beauty and medicinal value. By ensuring the organic quality of the peonies, Bioway Organic hopes to help local farmers and sellers tap into lucrative international markets while protecting the environment.

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During the visit, Bioway Organic representatives discussed the importance of organic farming methods and the benefits they bring with local farmers and officials. The team also demonstrated how their organic farming practices can contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.

Through the cooperation between Bioway Organic and Shaanxi Heyang Organic Peony Field Base, farmers and sellers will receive guidance on organic cultivation techniques, including soil cultivation, pest control, fertilization and other issues. The two entities will work together to create a more efficient supply chain of organic peony raw materials to bring these high-quality products to the international market.

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Bioway Organic has always been committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices, especially in the production of organic products. They have over 20 years of experience in organic farming and have become one of the most respected organic companies in the industry.

One of Bioway Organic's main goals is to invest in and promote organic farming in China, which has rapidly developed into one of the largest markets for organic products in the world. Bioway Organic has signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese government to develop organic agriculture nationwide.

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The cooperation between Bioway Organic and Shaanxi Heyang Organic Peony Field Base is a positive step towards achieving these ambitious goals. By developing more organic farming practices, promoting sustainable agriculture and protecting the environment, they are building a brighter, healthier future for all.

With the growing demand for organic products in the international market, Bioway Organic and Shaanxi Heyang Organic Peony Flower Base are optimistic about the future prospects of organic peony flowers. They believe that together they can create more sustainable farming practices and promote organic farming in China.

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Post time: Apr-06-2023