≥99% High-Purity Vegan NMN Powder

Specification: 99% purity
Certificates: ISO22000; Halal; NON-GMO Certification; Vegan
Features: No Additives, No Preservatives, No GMOs, No Artificial Colors
Application: Food & beverages, Sports Nutrition, Dairy products, Skincare Products

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Product Introduction

99% High-Purity Vegan NMN Powder is a high-quality supplement that is synthesized through biological processes. It made through a rigorous process of extraction, purification, and synthesis to ensure a high-quality product. We are committed to providing our customers with a safe and effective supplement to support their health and wellness goals. Unlike traditional supplements that are chemically synthesized and may have harmful side effects, our NMN is synthesized within plants or microorganisms, which allows for a more natural and safe product.
Many natural sources of NMN, such as broccoli, avocados, and beef, contain only minimal amounts of this molecule, making it difficult and unfeasible to obtain significant quantities from these sources. Therefore, our NMN Powder is synthesized through biological processes that allow for more efficient and sustainable production.

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a naturally occurring nucleotide found in our bodies that plays a key role in energy metabolism. NMN is the precursor to NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), a molecule necessary for our cells to produce energy.
NMN Powder is a dietary supplement containing NMN in concentrated form. This supplement has potential health benefits, including improving insulin sensitivity and lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. However, more research is required to fully understand the mechanisms of action and proper dosing. Therefore, please consult with your healthcare provider before using this supplement.


Product Name: β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)
CAS NO.: 1094-61-7 Manu Date: Apr.,29. 2021
Batch Number: NF-20210429 Expiration Date: Apr.,28.2023
Quantity: 100kg Report Date: Apr.,29.2021
Storage Condition: Store in a well-closed and dry place with constant 2~8℃ temperature andNon-direct sunlight
Item Standard Test Result
Assay(HPLC) ≥99% 99.80%
Appearance Fine Powder Conforms
Color White Conforms
Physical Characteristics
Moisture ≤1.0% 0.18%
Ethanol ≤0.5% 0.030%
pH Value 2.0-4.0 3.76
Bulk Density
Loose Density -- 0.45g/ml
Tight Density -- 0.53g/ml
Heavy metals
Lead(Pb) ≤0.5ppm Conforms
Arsenic(As) ≤0.5ppm Conforms
Mercury(Hg) ≤0.5ppm Conforms
Cadmium(Cd) ≤0.5ppm Conforms
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count ≤750cfu/g Conforms
E.Coli. ≤3.0MPN/g Conforms
Conclusion Conforms to the In-house standard
Tested by: Ms.Mao Approved by: Mr.Cheng

Product Feature and Application

Here are some additional product properties of our 99% High Purity Vegetarian Biosynthetic NMN Powder:
1. High Purity: Our NMN powder has the highest purity at 99%. This ensures that you get a product that is free from pollutants and harmful substances.
2. Vegan: Our NMN powder is 100% vegan and suitable for individuals on a predominantly plant-based diet.
3. Biosynthesis: Our NMN powder is synthesized using a biological process, making it a more natural and sustainable product.
4. EASY TO USE: Our NMN powder can be easily added to water, juice or any other beverage of your choice, making it very convenient to use.
5. AFFORDABLE PRICE: Our NMN powder is reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for those seeking the potential health benefits of this supplement.
6. TRUSTED SOURCE: Our NMN powder comes from a reputable supplier with a history of producing high quality supplements.
7. Boosts energy: NMN powder helps support the production of NAD+ in the body, an essential molecule for energy production that helps improve bodily functions.


◆ Skincare products with niacinamide
◆ Nutritional supplements
◆ Food and Beverages

Production Details(Product Chart Flow)

Here is a more detailed product chart flow for manufacturing 99% NMN powder:
1.Sourcing, Biological enzyme Biological and Extraction: The first step is to source natural sources of NMN such as broccoli, avocado, and cucumber. The NMN is then extracted using a process such as ultrafiltration or chromatography.
2. Purification: The extracted NMN is then purified to remove impurities and contaminants. This is done using a combination of processes such as lyophilization, reverse osmosis, and membrane filtration.
3. Formulation: The purified NMN is then formulated into a powder using processes such as spray drying or freeze drying. This is done to increase the shelf life of the product and make it easier to consume.
4. Testing
5. Packaging:
6. Distribution:


Packaging and Service

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry, and clean place, Protect from moisture and direct light.
Bulk Package: 25kg/drum.
Lead Time: 7 days after your order.
Shelf Life: 2 years.
Remark: Customized specifications also can be achieved.

packing and delivery

Payment and Delivery Methods

Under 100kg, 3-5Days
Door to door service easy to pick up the goods

By Sea
Over300kg, Around 30 Days
Port to port service professional clearance broker needed

By Air
100kg-1000kg, 5-7Days
Airport to airport service professional clearance broker needed



99% High-Purity Vegan NMN Powder is certified by ISO22000; Halal; NON-GMO Certification; Vegan.


Why we promote Vegan NMN Powder?

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a compound naturally occurring in the human body that is involved in various metabolic processes. Vegan NMN powder is a plant-derived dietary supplement marketed as a potential antiaging compound.

From an environmental standpoint, vegan NMN powder may have some advantages over animal-sourced supplements. For example, the production of vegan NMN powder does not involve any animal products or by-products, which reduces the need for animal husbandry and potentially reduces its environmental impact.

Furthermore, plant-based NMN sources may be more sustainable than animal sources, as they may involve less land use, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

However, the production and consumption of vegan NMN powder still has an impact on the environment. The sourcing and production of raw materials, the use of energy and other resources, and the shipping and packaging of supplements can all contribute to environmental concerns.

Therefore, it is important for BIOWAY to promote vegan NMN powder to adopt sustainable and environmentally responsible practices such as using renewable energy sources, minimizing waste and reducing carbon emissions. We hope our consumers to play a role in reducing the environmental impact to choose and promoute our vegan NMN powders.

nmn powder acting Details 001

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

what should be avoided in the NMN powder re-product process?

To avoid any potential problems when remanufacturing NMN powder into other products, it is important to consider the following:
1. Avoid contamination: Any manufacturing process involving NMN powder should be performed in a clean and sterile environment to avoid contamination.
2. Avoid excessive heat: NMN is sensitive to heat, so it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures. This may cause the NMN to be downgraded, reducing its effectiveness.
3. Avoid moisture: NMN powder should be stored in a dry environment to prevent it from absorbing moisture. Exposure to moisture can cause the powder to clump, which can make it difficult to work with.
4. Avoid exposure to sunlight: Direct exposure to sunlight will also cause NMN powder to degrade, so it is best to store it in an opaque container to prevent exposure to sunlight.
5. Consider intended use: Different products may require different forms of NMN, such as capsule supplements, topical creams, or intravenous solutions. It is important to consider the intended use and select the appropriate form of NMN for a particular product.
By following these guidelines, you can ensure the purity and potency of your NMN powder when remanufactured into other products.

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