Organic Astragalus Root Extract With 20% Polysaccarides

Specification: 20% Polysaccarides
Certificates: NOP & EU Organic; BRC; ISO22000; Kosher; Halal; HACCP
Annual supply capacity: More than 100 tons
Features: Herb Powder;anti-aging,anti-oxidant
Application: Nutrition supplement; Sport and health food; Food ingredients; Medicine; Cosmetics.

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Organic Astragalus Extract is a type of dietary supplement that is derived from the roots of the Astragalus plant, also known as Astragalus membranaceus. This plant is native to China and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to promote health and wellness.
Organic Astragalus extract is typically made by crushing the roots of the plant and then extracting the beneficial compounds using a solvent or other method. The resulting extract is rich in a variety of active compounds, including flavonoids, polysaccharides, and triterpenoids.
Organic Astragalus extract is believed to have a wide range of health benefits, including boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and improving cardiovascular health. It may also have anti-aging properties and is sometimes used as a natural remedy for conditions such as colds, flu, and seasonal allergies.When purchasing Organic Astragalus extract, it's important to look for products that are certified organic and have been tested for purity and potency.

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Product Name Organic Astragalus Extract
Place of Origin China
Item Specification Test Method
Appearance Yellow Brown Powder Visual
Odour Characteristic Characteristic Organoleptic
Taste Yellow Brown Powder Visual
 Polysaccarides Min. 20% UV
Particle Size Min. 99% pass 80 mesh 80 mesh screen
Loss of Drying Max. 5% 5g/105℃/2hrs
Ash Content Max. 5% 2g/525℃/3hrs
Heavy Metals Max. 10 ppm AAS
Lead Max. 2 ppm AAS
Arsenic Max. 1 ppm AAS
Cadmium Max. 1 ppm AAS
Mercury Max. 0.1 ppm AAS
*Pesticide Residue Meet EC396/2005 Third-Lab Test
*Benzopyrene Max. 10ppb Third-Lab Test
*PAH(4) Max. 50ppb Third-Lab Test
Total Aerobic Max. 1000 cfu/g CP<2015>
Mold and Yeast Max. 100 cfu/g CP<2015>
E. Coli Negative/1g CP<2015>
Salmonella/25g Negative/25g CP<2015>
Package Inner packing with two layers of plastic bag,outer packing with 25kg Cardboard drum.
Storage Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sunlight.
Shelf life 2 years if sealed and stored properly.
Intended Applicatons Nutrition supplement
Sport and health drink
Health care material
Reference GB 20371-2016
(EC) No 396/2005 (EC) No1441 2007
(EC)No 1881/2006 (EC)No396/2005
Food Chemicals Codex (FCC8)
(EC)No834/2007 (NOP)7CFR Part 205
Prepared by: Ms. Ma Approved by: Mr. Cheng


• Plant based Astragalus;
• GMO & Allergen free;
• Does not cause stomach discomfort;
• Pesticides & microbes free;
• Low consistence of fats & calories;
• Vegetarian & Vegan;
• Easy digestion & absorption.


Here are some of the most common applications of Organic Astragalus Extract powder:
1) Immune system support: Organic Astragalus Extract powder is believed to boost the immune system by promoting the production of white blood cells and other immune cells. This makes it a popular supplement for those looking to strengthen their immune function and protect against illnesses.
2) Anti-inflammatory effects: Organic Astragalus Extract powder has been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it useful for reducing inflammation in the body and potentially helping to relieve symptoms of conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
3) Cardiovascular health: Due to its antioxidant properties, Organic Astragalus Extract powder may help to improve cardiovascular health by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. It may also help to lower blood pressure and improve circulation.
4) Anti-aging: Some studies suggest that Organic Astragalus Extract powder may have anti-aging properties, as it may help to protect against cellular damage and oxidative stress that can lead to premature aging.
5) Respiratory health: Organic Astragalus Extract powder is sometimes used as a natural remedy to alleviate respiratory symptoms such as coughs, colds, and seasonal allergies.
6) Digestive health: Organic Astragalus Extract powder may help to improve digestive health and reduce symptoms of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and ulcerative colitis.
Overall, Organic Astragalus Extract powder is a versatile supplement that can be used for a variety of health purposes. As with any supplement, it's important to talk to your healthcare provider before using it to make sure it's safe and appropriate for your individual need


Production Details

Organic Astragalus Extract is extracted from Astragalus . Following steps are applied for the extraction powder from the Astragalus . it is tested according to the requirements, impure and unfit materials are removed. After cleaning process finished successfully Astragalus is crushing into powder , which is next for water extraction cryoconcentration and drying. Next product is dried in appropriate temperature, then graded into powder while all foreign bodies are removed from the powder.After the concentration dry powder crushed and sieved. Finally the ready product is packed and inspected according to the rule of product processing. Eventually, making sure about the products’ quality it’s sent to warehouse and transported to the destination.


Packaging and Service

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry, and clean place, Protect from moisture and direct light.
Bulk Package: 25kg/drum.
Lead Time: 7 days after your order.
Shelf Life: 2 years.
Remark: Customized specifications also can be achieved.

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Payment and Delivery Methods

Under 100kg, 3-5Days
Door to door service easy to pick up the goods

By Sea
Over300kg, Around 30 Days
Port to port service professional clearance broker needed

By Air
100kg-1000kg, 5-7Days
Airport to airport service professional clearance broker needed



USDA and EU organic, BRC, ISO, HALAL, KOSHER and HACCP certificates.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A1: Manufacturer.

Q2: Does the manufacture require their raw material suppliers to have a food safety audit performed annually?

A2: does.

Q3: Does the ingredient free of extraneous matter?

A3: Yes. it does.

Q4: Can I get some sample for free?

A4: Yes, usually 10-25g samples are for free.

Q5: Is there any discounts?

A5: Of course, welcome to contact us. Price would be different based on different quantity. For bulk quantity, we will have discount for you.

Q6: How long it takes for production and delivery?

A6: Most products we have in stock, delivery time: Within 5-7 business days after received payment. Customized products further discussed.

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